Farfugium japonicum ‘Crispata’

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Plant Information:

Botanical Name:  Farfugium japonicum ‘Crispata’

Common Name: Parsley Farfugium

Family: Asteraceae

Origin: China, Japan, Korea

Type: Perennial

Size: 18"h x 24"w

Exposure: Shade

Zones: Zone 7-10

Butterflies: No

Hummingbirds: No

Container Size: Large Pot Band

Gorgeous mounds of large frilly gray-green leaves are what shade gardeners can expect from this perennial. Parsley Farfugium offers something different than Hosta for the shade. It does put up yellow daisies on stems that rise above the leaves but this is usually pretty late in the fall. The leaves wilt when dry but the plant actually tolerates dry periods pretty well. Many gardeners like this perennial because its unique textured leaves give the plant sort of a sculpted look that contrasts well with other shade plants.