Our Plants

Bustani Plant Farm is a unique nursery because of the types of plants we offer and also because of the mix of plants we grow and sell.

Here at Bustani we are growers of both native and exotic and both hardy and tropical plants. We like a great variety of all types of plants and enjoy making them available. With what we have in the catalog and available on site, we offer roughly 1/3 native plants, 1/3 tropical color plants and 1/3 hardy non-native plants.

The motto for our nursery is ‘Grow Something Different’, but just being different isn’t nearly enough reason for us to grow and offer a plant. There are plenty of different plants out there but only those that perform well in our garden trials make the grade. In particular plants that perform well in the heat of summer rate high with us.

At this time we do not grow a large number of woody trees and shrubs but we do plan to add more of these through the years. We carry a few more vines than the average specialty nursery as this is a plant group in which we have a great interest.

Our nursery name Bustani (Boo-stah-nee), is a Swahili word that means garden. It is meant to reflect our global interest in the world of Botany and Horticulture.

Proven performance, uniqueness, and variety are the terms we hope come to mind when someone thinks about the plants of Bustani Plant Farm.