Plant Sizes

We offer plants in three different sizes of containers. These are small pot bands (spb), large pot bands (lpb), and gallons (gal). The small pot band is a 3 ¾" deep by 2 3/8" wide square pot. Large pot bands are 4 ¼" deep by 3 9/16" wide square pots, and the gal pots are either standard nursery gallons or Root-Maker containers. Most of the plants we offer come in large pot bands and customers are thrilled at how large the plants are when they see them.


Pot bands are called as such because of the narrow band of plastic that forms a plus for the bottom of the pot. The design leaves a sizeable opening for roots to grow into and be air pruned at their tips which creates root-branching thus forming a stronger root system. Their square shape also prevents root circling within the container, which can weaken the plant.

The gallon pots we use for the more woody root systems are the patented Root-Maker pots with unique root pruning design. The sides of the pot are stair-stepped with root-pruning drain holes at different heights. Raised ribs, or lines on the pot’s side direct roots downward to the openings while preventing them from circling.

We have invested in this type of growing system in order to provide the healthiest, strongest and most robust plants for our gardening customers.