Campanula punctata ‘Cherry Bells’

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Plant Information:

Botanical Name:  Campanula punctata ‘Cherry Bells’

Common Name: Cherry Bells Spotted Bellflower

Family: Campanulaceae

Origin: China, Japan, Siberia

Type: Perennial

Size: 18"h x spreading

Exposure: Partial Shade, Shade

Zones: Zone 5-9

Butterflies: No

Hummingbirds: No

Container Size: Large Pot Band

I’ve grown a number of Campanulas through the years and looked at what seems like hundreds of species and cultivars in various garden books. One thing most all of them had in common was poor performance in our southern heat. I was completely amazed several years ago when I grew the Asian species Campanula punctata and found that it thrives in our area. The plant will spread and become groundcover-like in moist fertile soil but I think it is worth it for its large nodding flowers of pinkish dusty rose. After it finishes blooming you can tidy it up by trimming the flower stalks, even with a weedeater.