Coprosma x kirkii ‘Variegata’

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Plant Information:

Botanical Name:  Coprosma x kirkii ‘Variegata’

Common Name: Variegated Coprosma Hybrid

Family: Rubiaceae

Origin: New Zealand

Type: Tropical Color

Size: 12"h x 36"w

Exposure: Sun, Partial Shade

Zones: Zone 8-10

Butterflies: No

Hummingbirds: No

Container Size: LPB

This variegated form of a naturally occurring hybrid of two New Zealand species occasionally goes by the name Zebra Tree. We love to grow it cascading over the edge of planters and mixed containers where it is anything but tree-like. Its small, lustrous gray-green leaves have lots of white, making it a colorful companion for all sorts of flowering plants. Variegated Coprosma works well as a garden specimen as it is quite versatile when it comes to soils and watering regimes.