Cuphea hyssopifolia

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Plant Information:

Botanical Name:  Cuphea hyssopifolia

Common Name: OC White Mexican Heather

Family: Lythraceae

Origin: Mexico, Central America

Type: Tropical Color

Size: 11"h x 18"w

Exposure: Sun, Partial Shade

Zones: Zone 8-10

Butterflies: No

Hummingbirds: No

Container Size: Large Pot Band

It’s always exciting when you find an exceptional form of a good plant. Mexican Heather has long been grown in Southern gardens because of its compact habit and its ability to bloom constantly no matter hot and humid the weather. This selection we call OC White was discovered recently in an Orange County, California nursery. We picked it out of a batch of other seed propagated Mexican Heathers with all shades of flower colors from white to lavender to pink. This one stood out for its size of flowers, its number of blooms, their pure white color, and the fact that the plant also had attractive dark stems. In general, the white forms aren’t as common as the lavender, pink and purple ones. OC White has performed brilliantly in our garden the last few years.