Lonicera sempervirens

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Plant Information:

Botanical Name:  Lonicera sempervirens

Common Name: Coral Honeysuckle

Family: Caprifoliaceae


Type: Native Vine

Size: 12'-15'

Exposure: Sun to Shade

Zones: Zone 4-9

Butterflies: No

Hummingbirds: Yes

Container Size: Large Pot Band

Coral Honeysuckle is a native woody vine, meaning its stems do not die back to the ground in winter. It is also semi-evergreen, which means that in milder winters it retains some or most of its leaves. The biggest flower display happens in spring but it will produce some flowers nearly year round. I think it is interesting that its spring bloom always coincides with the yearly hummingbird migration up into our area from the south. We love this vine’s brightly colored red flowers with yellow throats. It grows best in sun but will grow in part shade. Just give it good air circulation to minimize powdery mildew. Plants we offer are cuttings from a form we collected near Hugo Lake in southeastern Oklahoma in 2002.