Stachytarpheta utricifolia ‘Stout Blue’

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Plant Information:

Botanical Name:  Stachytarpheta utricifolia ‘Stout Blue’

Common Name: Stout Blue False Vervain

Family: Verbenaceae

Origin: India

Type: Tropical Color

Size: 36"h x 36"w

Exposure: Sun


Butterflies: Yes

Hummingbirds: Yes

Container Size: LPB

We are always excited when we are able to offer another selection of False Vervain. Stout Blue gives gardeners a purple/blue plant option for attracting butterflies and hummingbirds. False Vervains are also called Porterweeds. Those who like beer know that a porter is a dark brown brew on the bitter side. A stout is a strong porter. Porter’s beer, porter’s ale, and even porter house steaks all go back to shops that serviced porters and laborers in England as early as the 1700’s. Brews made from this group of mostly central and South American plants helped give it its name due to the dark color and bitter flavor reminiscent of the ancient ale. Stout Blue, however, is Stachytarpheta utricifolia which is native to India and Bangladesh rather than the New World species used in brewing. My guess is that this selection was named Stout Blue because its flowers are a little darker than the average blue porterweed and whoever named it assumed it was a western hemisphere plant. In any case, it makes a great garden plant with a cool story.